About Tyler

Tyler comes to us from Southern California bringing with him his style of American Traditional Tattooing. During his apprenticeship, he really looked up to the legends in So Cal tattooing such as Rick Walters, Bob Roberts, Mark Mahoney, Jack Rudy, Eric Maaske, and Sid Stankovitz as well as the fathers of traditional tattooing like Sailor Jerry, Cap Coleman, Amund Dietzel, Ben Corday, Bob Shaw, and Bert Grimm just to name a few.

Tyler loves to keep his bold and bright appearance in his tattoos while also maintaining a simple and “less is more” mentality. He definitely loves to have a good time tattooing and making sure his customers are comfortable, calm, and having a good experience as well.

Aside from doing traditional tattoos, Tyler loves to do Japanese, Black and Grey,

If you are ever in the market for something bold and bright or something that takes you back to another time, come by and check out what Tyler has to offer. It won't disappoint.


Work By Tyler Nealeigh

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