About Jarom

My obsession with tattooing started at a very young age. The memory of proclaiming “tattoo artist” as a child when asked about my career path is seared on my brain. It’s hard to say where the inspiration came from, as I have no family with tattoos and had really only seen a few before that time. I spent years derailed from my dream of tattooing, earning a bachelors degree in fine arts from ASU. The opportunity to work in a tattoo studio came around in 2016. At this time, I yearned for an apprenticeship, but kept a humble, head down, and diligent work ethic while I learned the inner workings of the studio. Some time later, I had earned an apprenticeship at Black Lotus Tattooers. I graduated from my apprenticeship and earned the title “tattooer" in late 2019, and haven't had a single day keep me from furthering my craft.


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